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Proposal mentoring programme ("Antragswerkstatt")

In its University Development Plan, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf has set itself the objective of helping early career researchers (ECRs) establish an independent research profile. To this end, HHU will support ECRs in acquiring their first research project in a funding line offered by the German Research Foundation (DFG) directly after completion of their doctoral studies.

Researchers in the target group are invited to apply for the proposal mentoring programme (Antragswerkstatt) by submitting a synopsis of their research project. The programme is aimed at ECRs, who may participate as soon as they have submitted their doctoral thesis. Further participation criteria include:

  • First-time proposal submission to the DFG
  • Proposal submission to the Walter Benjamin Programme or individual research grant funding lines
  • Completed doctoral studies/proof of doctoral thesis submission

Postdoctoral researchers at the start of their careers who have just completed their doctoral studies and who are categorised in phase R2 (Recognised Researcher) of the EU phase model are eligible.

The Antragswerkstatt programme can support up to 20 participants.

The deadline for the submission of synopses is 15 March 2023.

We look forward to receiving your application!

The programme comprises two contact phases and two independent work phases.

In a mandatory one-day kick-off event on 5 June 2023, participants will be divided into peer groups, each of which will be assigned an experienced mentor. In a panel discussion, established HHU researchers will share their experiences. A brief input session on proposal submission and an opportunity to exchange views with peers and mentors will round out the day.

On 6 June 2023, an optional workshop on proposal submission in the target funding lines will be offered.

Participants will then develop their synopses into draft proposals over a 12-week period. Optional supporting workshops will be offered. Group members and mentors will be on hand to offer support, subject to arrangement, and will subsequently provide feedback oriented to the DFG reviews.

The central element of the Antragswerkstatt programme is a contact week from 25 – 28 September 2023. In addition to feedback, participants can obtain further tips for the practical implementation of their proposal and ultimately their research project. Experts will share their knowledge with participants and dialogue phases involving mentors and group members will also take place. During the course of the contact week, participants will optimise their proposals and create a pre-final version, which will be refined into a final proposal over the following 15 weeks and then submitted.

Programme participants have at least submitted their doctoral thesis and have not yet submitted a funding proposal of their own to the DFG. The programme only supports proposals for submission to the Walter Benjamin Programme or individual research grant funding lines.

The earliest point at which individuals may participate is after submission of their doctoral thesis in career phase R2 of the EU phase model.

Advanced postdoctoral researchers in phase R3 (Established Researcher) are not permitted to participate in the Antragswerkstatt programme; the duration of the R2 phase is subject-dependent.

Programme applicants must submit a synopsis of their planned research project and academic achievements to date.

Please observe the following when preparing the synopsis:

  • As the basis for a subsequent funding proposal, the synopsis may not exceed three pages (Arial 11, line spacing: 1.15).
  • The synopsis should comprise the following sections: working title; background/status of research, objectives and question; theoretical/conceptual context, material and methods; work programme and research environment; literature.

In addition to the three-page synopsis, the following documents must also be included with your application:

  • Curriculum vitae incl. list of publications (max. two pages in total)
  • Doctorate certificate

Applicants who have not yet completed all doctoral procedures should include proof of doctoral thesis submission rather than the certificate.

The submitted synopses will be reviewed by the SFF Advisory Committee in the same way as proposals for the funding lines of the Strategic Research Fund (SFF). The Advisory Committee will decide who participates in the Antragswerkstatt programme. The synopses will be reviewed on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Academic qualifications of the candidate
  • Innovativeness and originality of the project
  • Theoretical/conceptual basis of the question
  • Methodological feasibility
  • Feasibility of the timeframe/logistics
  • Suitability of the research environment

Parental leave periods of up to two years per child will be taken into account in the review.

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