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Third-party funding bonus for young researchers

The programme "Third-Party Funding Bonus for Young Researchers" is intended as an incentive for young researchers to apply for third-party funding. It is financed by the Strategic Research Fund (SFF) and applies to the non-medical faculties of HHU.

For each successfully acquired third-party-funded project of at least 100,000 € (single project, not cumulative), young scientists from non-medical faculties of HHU will receive a bonus of 5,000 € as freely available budget. The definition of destatis for third-party funding applies. For the purpose of this programme, young scientists are defined as scientists who have obtained their PhD not more than 6 years ago and who have not yet held a W1 professorship with tenure, a W2 or W3 professorship. The period is extended by 2 years for every child in analogy to §2 section 1 WissZeitVG. The date of the doctoral certificate and the date of the approval notice/date of contract are decisive for the calculation of the period.

The bonus must be applied for within one month of the establishment of the third-party account at HHU. The e-mail notification of the Department of External Funding and Project Coordination (D4.2) on the funding account number is decisive for this time.

The following procedure applies:

  • The application is submitted informally by e-mail (reply email to the above-mentioned e-mail notification) to the respective officer in the Department of External Funding and Project Coordination (D4.2).

The following documents must be attached:

  • A current curriculum vitae, stating, if applicable, the number of children.
  • A copy of the doctoral certificate.

If the above criteria are met, a budget of €5,000 is made available to the applicant on a separate account number.

The programme will come into force on 12.03.2020. From this date, the bonus can be claimed for all third-party funding that meets the above criteria and where the approval decision/the contract is dated 12.03.2020 or later. The programme will initially run for two years and will then be evaluated.

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Name Fakultät Institut Projekttitel Fördergeber
Dr. Adrian Hoffmann Mat.-Nat.-Fak. Institut für Experimentelle Psychologie Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Validität zufallsverschlüsselter Befragungen DFG
Dr. Jens Helfer-Fleischhauer Phil. Fak. Sprache und Information Funktionsverbgefüge - Familien und Komposition DFG
Dr. Kazuyoshi Kawasaka Phil. Fak. Institut für Modernes Japan Sexuelle Vielfalt und Menschenrechte im Japan des 21. Jahrhunderts DFG
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