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Strategic Research Fund

In establishing the Strategic Research Fund [1], Heinrich Heine University is pursuing the goal of supporting first-class research projects and new initiatives in order to further sharpen the university's research profile and strengthen its competitiveness on the national as well as international level. The SFF Advisory Board, headed by Professor Peter Westhoff, Vice-President for Research and Transfer, will allocate funds on the basis of a competitive procedure.

[1] Strategic Research Fund = Strategischer Forschungsfonds (SFF). For the purpose of better comprehension, the abbreviation SFF is used when referring to the Strategic Research Fund.

Application deadlines

15 April and 15 October

Ms. Patricia Nitsch from the Department of Research and Transfer (Tel. 0211 - 811 1398) is happy to answer any questions concerning the submission of proposals.

We look forward to receiving your applications!

How do I submit an application?

Applications can only be submitted via the Internet-based "Electronic Proposal System" (EPS)! Only applications completed in full and electronically will be considered.

Registration and submission of an application take place using the following Link.

When can applications be submitted?

At the latest by the 15th of April or by the 15th of October of the year in question. The time limit for submission is consciously called the "deadline". No further submission is possible after midnight local time!           

Please fill in the registration form online from your PC with the basic information required. You can upload your application as a PDF file. The application form and the application itself can be entered prior to the deadline and continuously updated until then.

Can I use my password several times?

Access to the EPS is always only for one call for proposals and for one project and cannot be used for a second project proposal or another call. Once registration is successfully completed, the Project Manager (Principal Investigator) is given an access password with which he or she can compile and change all the proposal details. In addition, the application can only be submitted with this password. So please register in good time and not on the day of the deadline!

From when can I submit my application electronically?

Applications can be entered prior to the deadline and continuously updated until then.

Please upload your final report using your personal university username. Basic information (name, e-mail, title of project etc.) should be completed in the online form.


The Rectorate appoints the advisory board for the Strategic Research Fund Commission which is made up as follows:

Two Vice Presidents

Prof. Peter Westhoff (Chair)

Prof. Klaus Pfeffer

Deans of the faculties participating in the SFF

Prof. Ulrich Rosar

Prof. Martin Mauve

Prof. Nikolaj Klöcker

One professor from each of the faculties participating in the SFF

Prof. Laura Kallmeyer

Jun.-Prof. Maria von Korff Schmising

Prof. Hartmut Löwen

Prof. Guido Reifenberger

Prof. Hans-Theo Normann

The members of the SFF advisory board examine the eligibility for funding of the applications submitted and make a selection. Generally, all applications should also be examined by an external party. In addition, the advisory board may invite the applicant to present his or her project proposal. Should a proposal be rejected, it may only be submitted again at the request of the advisory board. All applications will be decided by the rectorate.

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