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Research transfer and services

One objective of knowledge and innovation transfer is to make research findings available in as many different ways as possible and to put them into actual societal and entrepreneurial practice. Cooperation between universities and the industry during R&D projects thus plays a major role.

In the Research Management and Transfer Department, we support you in forging contacts with companies and businesses and preparing collaboration projects. We are your contact persons for the commercial utilisation of research findings obtained, e.g. through property rights and start-up projects or support for contract management.

One of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf’s goals is to foster, shape and optimize knowledge transfer between the University, civil society, art and culture, the business community and politics on a continuous basis. Within the context of the University Development Plan (HEP), the University keeps developing its Transfer Strategy further.

The HHU Transfer Strategy can be found here.

Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf continuously strives to promote and optimise the transfer of knowledge between universities, the general public, the artistic and cultural sphere, business, and politics.

These guidelines lay down principles, concrete selection criteria and clear, standardised rules to increase transparency and predictability in the protection and utilisation of intellectual property. They are aimed at HHU academics, the university administration and any interested members of the public. They also enable the University to use its resources in an economically efficient manner.

The guidelines can be found here.

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