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Support for applicants

The Research Managers of the Department – 4.1 Research Management and Transfer will be happy to assist you with the process of applying for internal and third-party funding for your projects. We will:

  • help you find the right funding opportunity for your proposed project,
  • review your proposals and obtain signatures,
  • help you produce funding plans and verify their suitability and compliance with the relevant guidelines,
  • give you feedback on draft applications and provide templates,
  • support you in managing contracts and negotiating consortium agreements,
  • advise you on utilising your research results.

Contact us in good time to take advantage of our full range of services.


If you would like to apply for a conference, please contact the tax department.

Proposals from members of the Medical Faculty are supported by the Research Management of the Dean’s Office of the Medical Faculty (with the exception of coordinated DFG programmes, such as CRC, RTG, etc.).

Contact person

Biology, coordinated DFG programmes of the Medical Faculty*

Dr. Evamaria Gruchattka
Building: 16.11
Floor/Room: 04.55
+49 211 81-14656

Research Advisor (Biology, coordinated DFG programmes of the Medical Faculty*)

Dr. Lutz Morsdorf
Building: 16.11
Floor/Room: 04.46
+49 211 81-14811

Chemistry, Pharmacy, Psychology, DFG Scientific Instrumentation

Martina Kuhlmann
Building: 16.11
Floor/Room: 04.57
+49 211 81-12574

Computer science, Mathematics, Physics, other facilities, SFF

Patricia Nitsch
Building: 16.11
Floor/Room: 04.49
+49 211 81-11398

Humanities and Social Sciences, Economics and Law

Dr. Claudia Whittle
Building: 16.11
Floor/Room: 04.57
+49 211 81-15416

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