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HHU Future Groups are promising research collaborations of excellent researchers, who are characterised by outstanding publications and substantial third-party funding. With their high scientific innovation potential, the Future Groups contribute to a sharpening of the HHU's research profile. Existing research areas are strengthened and new research fields are opened up.

This year, three Future Groups have received funding:


Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Laura Hartmann

Glycans play an important role in almost every infectious disease that affects humans and other animals. The goal of the Future Group GlycoPathogens is to study the role(s) of glycan ensembles in adhesion and invasion processes of bacteria and viruses. In the long term, these studies contribute to a better understanding and therefore to a better prevention and treatment of infections.


Competition and Sustainability

Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Rupprecht Podszun and Prof. Dr. Justus Haucap

The inter-faculty Future Group Competition and Sustainability aims to gain insights into how economic competition and sustainability goals can be combined. It also aims to explore how the interplay of law and market mechanisms can improve the implementation of such goals.



Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Stefan Dietze

How does social and media events affect evidence-based policy-making? Especially in dynamic fields of action such as the corona pandemic, migration or climate policy, data from social media help to identify social trends. The Future Group DiscourseData4Policy uses methods from AI and machine learning to make such online discourses on Twitter understandable and usable. The correlation between social events, political measures and their social acceptance can thus be better understood.


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