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Funding organizations and corona

[last update: 01.02.2021]

Here you will find information from the most important funding organisations regarding the measures they have taken due to the Corona pandemic. In addition to the measures listed here, many questions will also have to be solved on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, please contact the Research Management and Transfer Department and the Third-Party-Funding and Management Department for concrete solutions regarding the implementation of your project. Members of the Medical Faculty please contact the Research Management in the Dean's Office of the Medical Faculty.

The regulations for projects funded by federal ministries differ depending on the respective project management agency. Most of the project management agencies have indicated:

  • that cancellation costs for travels are covered

  • that scanned letters (payment requests, interim statements, amendments and reports) are accepted as legally valid and that all correspondence may be sent by e-mail; the original documents, however, must be submitted afterwards 

  • that, in individual cases, e.g. extensions of deadlines are possible

Latest information:

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